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PSD High School Boys

Sport PSD High School Boys
Divers must be active high school divers within the Poudre School District. Each participant must be compliant with all PSD guidelines and requirements.
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Program Details
Program start date: Feb 19, 2024
Program end date: May 25, 2024
Eligible for grade starting from: 9th
Eligible for grade ending with: 12th
High School Team(s)
Eligibility text
Must be an active high school diver within the Poudre School District
Registration Details
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Registrants will be assigned to the group
PSD Boys Diving
Note: Only when paid online during the registration.
AGEPI/Norco Diving Complete Release Waiver 2024
The following waiver document acknowledges five different categories: 1) Participant Waiver 2) The (AGEPI) dba Norco Diving / NCI Sports, LLC RELEASE Waiver 3) Medical Release Waiver 4) General Release - Participation Inherent Risk 5) Parent/Guardian of Minor Release Please review and sign electronically.
I have read, reviewed, acknowledge, and accept all content, terms and conditions of the AGEPI/Norco Diving Release Waiver

All registration options are closed